Need elements removed or added to an image, a new composite image, a complex creative piece or a 3D render polished and enhanced? Retouching is one of my specialties and striking, quality images can really help your project stand out.

Check out the images below and use the slider bar to view the differences between the original and retouched images. Some of the comparisons show before and after retouching enhancements, others feature a collection of images that I then combined into a final original digital composition.

I love putting together complex creative compositions, so if you have a difficult or crazy Photoshop image concept in mind I’d love to hear about it!

CMA_flaming_fists_after CMA_flaming_fists_before
Sci Fi 03 Ground_original Sci-Fi-Ground_01-NEW-rgb
CMA_qi_original CMA_qi_RET
Terrestrials Logo Terrestrials EP Cover
TeranexExpress_Broadcast-original TeranexExpress_Broadcast-RET
Fotolia comp elements Individuality_Fotolia_Ret
Ultra4KDesk_original Ultra4KDesk RET
Coffee_original Coffee_RET 1
iMac Moved Original iMac Moved Retouched